All Laura's Pawesome Treats are:

- Dairy-free

- Gluten-free

- Vegan

- Free from preservatives

- No added sugar or salt

- No nasties

- Made from human-grade ingredients 




Treats come in 2 different sizes, allowing you to choose what option suits your dog best! Small treats are for small and medium size dogs, or can be given to large dogs as a training treat or small snack. Large treats are designed as a more substantial snack for medium and large dogs. They are great as a breakfast or after dinner treat.


Our product range comprises of 6 different varieties of holistic dog biscuits. Each product aims to alleviate the symptoms of common dog health conditions:


Bella's Barkscotti - Inflammation and joint pain.


Coco's Calming Cookies - Anxiety and stress (separation anxiety, compulsive behaviours, nervousness).


Gus's Gut Health - Digestive concerns (constipation, loose stools, noisy digestion and flatulence).


Laura's Signature Treats - Skin conditions (eczema, hot spots, hair loss).


Max's Minty Fresh - Bad breath.


Toby's Trim Treats - Weight-loss, diabetes and blood sugar regulation.